Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Putnam Volleyball Shoot...

The team photos went well Monday. All of the individual photos and team photos are online with the exception of the Jr Varsity team. I do not have a copy of the roster and therefore cannot finish the "memory Mate" photos. If you have a roster of the JR Varsity players and their jersey numbers, please email it to me and I will get the shots finished and online right away.

I was able to finally get some great shots of the Jr Varsity yesterday as they beat Sandy... check them out on the website.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rex Putnam Team Photos

The volleyball team photos are scheduled for Monday, 11 October 2010. We will begin the photo session at 4pm in the practice gym.

After the shoot, the photos will be placed in a "Team Photos" gallery on our website where you may view and purchase them as well as any other photos from this season.

Though I have the ability to assemble "Packages" of photos, I believe this method is better for everyone because you can purchase just the photos that you want in any combination or size. This is also a less expensive way for you to get the photos that you want.

I will provide copies of the team photo and any other photos that the coach wants to use in school publications free of charge. These photos will have my watermark or will need to be tagged with my copyright information when published.

Any photos that are purchased do not have my watermark and you are granted a home use copyright. This means that the photos can be used for personal use only.

Scott G Edwards

Update for Rex Putnam Volleyball Team

At the beginning of the season I sorted the photos into individual galleries. This is very time consuming so I have decided to try a different format. Starting with the Milwaukie game, I am placing all of the photos into a single gallery related to the match.

I think this will be better for everyone and will allow each player to see the rest of their teammates photos as well. Let me know what you think about the change.

Scott G Edwards

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Powell's Books Street Life - 20 Feb 2010

This is one of the most famous places in Portland, Oregon and a great place to observe the diverse street life. I am experimenting with an edgy process that I have developed, which mimics the popular HDR look using a single exposure.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utah Weather

This evening, I was helping my son prepare his new World Headquarters for J Dawgs, which will have a VIP soft opening tomorrow night and officially open on Saturday, September 19th.

The headquarters is located about 50 ft south of the current location.

As I was leaving, the weather over the Wasatch Mountains turned dark and a rain storm right at sunset made for some beautiful photos...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deardorf Cemetery - Another Volunteer Day for Find-A-Grave

This request involved quite an adventure to reach the Deardorf Cemetery also known as the Christilla Pioneer Cemetery. GPS coordinates placed it in the parking lot of Chief Obie Lodge on Scouter's Mountain. Having been a scouter for 45 years, I knew this was not the case and that the cemetery was actually in a canyon to the west of the Lodge.

I took my camera and a bottle of water that Deb left in the car (thank you Deb... it was 95 degrees at the time I started my hike), and started over the edge of the canyon on a "Cat" trail that was scraped in the forest floor.

After decending into the canyon, I came to a barbed wire fence and a gate that was locked across the trail to the entrance. The gate was easy to climb, so I did.

When I reached the cemetery, it too was fenced and gated. I tried cracking the combination of the lock, but, if course, I could not. I found a bucket and thought maybe I could climb over the gate but I am too short and it was too high. I had visions of hanging from the top of the chain link fence like "Scarecrow" and decided against the jump.

I was discouraged that I had walked that far and it seemed that I would not be able to finish my quest. Alas, I decided to look at my list of names and see if any of the markers were visible from behind the fence... and guess what... every name was on the two tall obelisk monuments seen in the photo! Deb says that is Family History carma...

This is one of the names that I was asked to find. In all, I was able to add 10 new names to the online cemetery and upgrade a few more with corrected dates, names, and photos. Not bad considering there is only 29 marked graves (supposedly) and I had to do it all from behind the security fence!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A couple of months ago, I joined as a volunteer photographer. People will post requests for you to search for grave markers in local cemeteries and then upload them to the virtual cemeteries online.

I found out about this site through Deb's family history work and thought it would be a fun way for me to "do my part"... the old history buff in me really enjoys searching out these markers.

Tonight, I found a lot of local history in the Clackamas Cemetery.., Jennings, Thiessen, Roots, Mather, and Deardorff are all names that should ring a bell for the locals!
The "Gribble" markers were found in the "Roots" family plot...